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Who is California Civil Process?

California Civil Process is a veteran owned legal support firm. We started serving the legal support needs of the Sacramento area in 2008.  In the almost two decades since, we’ve built a great network of affiliates and now cover the entire state of California.

What makes California Civil Process different from the typical process serving firm?

California Civil Process does the things that a process serving firm SHOULD do.  We have your documents in the field for service within a day or two of receipt, and we don’t put limits on our attempts. We keep trying until the documents are served or until we can give you a declaration showing why they can’t be served.

After my document has been served, how long does it take before I receive my proof of service?

Your proof of service is usually prepared within one business day after service. Depending on which server had your papers, it may take an additional day or two to get it signed.

What hours do your process servers work?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but our process servers are in the field seven days per week, starting as early or finishing as late as they have to in order to get your documents served.

What kind of image do your process servers have?

Our process servers always maintain a professional image.   Even though we are not part of your office, our image is still a reflection of you.

If I have a document, such as a Bank Levy or a Subpoena, that needs to be served at a particular time and/or date, can this service be arranged.

Yes.  We understand the need for this service.  On numerous occasions, clients have requested we serve a Bank Levy on a particular date and time knowing that funds will be deposited just prior to the service of the Bank Levy. If sending out a Notice to Consumer with a Subpoena, please help us to help you by allowing more than 25 days from the mailing date to your production date. Giving us a service window, instead of making service only possible on a single day, will help us serve your papers more effectively, and avoid issues outside of our control from effecting your the service.