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Read BEFORE you move forward with a Bank Levy

New law effective January 1, 2013

The law, Code of Civil Procedure Section 684.115 (A), states:

 (a) A financial institution may, and if it has more than nine branches or offices at which it conducts its business within this state, shall, designate one or more central locations for service of legal process within this state.  Each designated location shall be referred to as a “central location.” If a financial institution elects or is required to designate a central location for service of legal process, the financial institution shall file a notice of its designation with the Department of Financial Institutions, which filing shall be effective upon filing and shall contain all of the following:

    (1) The physical address of the central location.

   (2) The days and hours during which service will be accepted at the central location.

 (b) Should a financial institution required to designate a central location fail to do so, each branch of that institution located in this state shall be deemed to be a central location at which service of legal process may be made, and all of the institution’s branches or offices located within this state shall be deemed to be a branch or office covered by central process.

 To discover if the Bank you wish to serve Legal Process upon has a ‘Designated Location’ in California, click onto the following link:

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